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  • El Centro Eurolatinoamericano de Juventud (CEULAJ) ha recibido el Sello de Calidad del Consejo de Europa para Centros de Juventud.

 About us


Ceulaj is a resource and activity centre that is ideal for youth training and information activities and for encounters and experiences between youth organizations and public youth institutions

Every year the complex, attached to the Youth Institute, is visited by thousands of young people from various countries, as well as by specialists, professionals and politicians working in the field of youth.

Most of the activities carried out at Ceulaj are on a national or international scale. They notably include the activities of Injuve and of the Ibero-American Youth Organization (OIJ), aimed at bringing young people in Latin America and Europe closer together and promoting understanding and cooperation between them.

Ceulaj´s goals include:

  • Being a venue for encounters and exchanges between youth organizations and groups both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and Latin America
  • Promoting international cooperation programmes between the EU Member States and the Ibero-American Youth Organization
  • Supporting various forms of cooperative project between young people
  • Promoting training plans for government specialists in youth policy
  • Advising young people through their organizations on the development of their programmes and projects
  • Promoting voluntary work programmes, new forms of expression and activities offering possibilities for mutual training and understanding between young people
  • Providing spaces for the development of artistic creation
  • Promoting research among young people


"Entrevista en Onda Cero Málaga del 30 de mayo de 2013 al director del Ceulaj, Javier Berlanga."

Archivo en formato mp3 con la entrevista completa